About Us

Black Art Expo 2021 !

Why Black Art Expo 2021 ?

The Black Art Expo (BAE) was established by creative entrepreneur Kyra Bond to provide an opportunity within the Black community for an encouraging art experience. The BAE is where Black creative entrepreneurs, including both 2D and 3D artists, come together to inspire others and influence what art means today. Everyone from aspiring to experienced artists can make an impact through their mutual support and acknowledgement of the dedication Black artists offer to our communities.

Meet us at the BAE to join an environment of Black excellence and expression presented through various art forms. Join us to support Black artists and experience the talents of sculptors, painters, designers, and more at the Black Art Expo!

Black Beauty Expo 2021 !

This year the Black Art Expo will be presenting at the Black Beauty Expo.

The Black Beauty Expo’s mission is to be a catalyst for success, inspiration, and advancement in the Black Beauty Industry. Our mission is accomplished by bringing together professionals and beauty consumers from all facets of the black beauty industry including hairstylists, photographers, makeup artists, models, fashion professionals and more.

We are determined to put every effort into making the Black Beauty Expo one of the world’s finest beauty shows, as well as to be a testament to every aspiring beauty professional, that if they strive for success, they too can make it.