Kenya Stewart

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kSte'EpangeliaPaintings, officially established during the convention in September of 2021, was birthed during the pandemic lockdown. I first discovered that I'd like to paint during quarantine when I decided to take some virtual painting classes. After a couple of guided classes, I realized that I REALLY liked to paint and noticed that even the guided ones I did,had an impact on the people that I showed my pieces to. On top of that,God began revealing to me what to paint. It was then that I thought maybe this is something worth pursuing. So I continued to paint pieces long after the virtual classes ended with each one a vision from God and for someone. Fast forward to January 2021 and was asked to paint some pieces for a Christian convention in September. From that time up to now..God has been dealing with me to start a business and reach out and touch people with my creations. Finally obeying HIM during @christcon21 convention, kSte'EpangeliaPaintings was officially launched. So what does my name mean? Kste..(short for Kenya Stewart) Epangelia Pronunciation "ep-ang-el-ee'-ah" meaning in Biblical Greek for "God's promises" Any paintings I create are coming from inspirations from God -HIS promises. And each painting has the Bible verse hidden within that inspired it. I am now available for consultations for personalized paintings or Prints of my originals.

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