Onikia Moore

Booth #32

Onikia Moore discovered her ability to captivate others with the imagery she could create only using brushes, pens and colors at a young age. It didn’t take long for her to learn the love and joy she felt when creating could be felt by those around her. Over time the ups and downs of life took her on a journey, out of which she grew Beautiful Disaster Art showing us that the most beautiful things can come from the most tragic situations. Nicki found herself drawn to acrylic and oil paints, gel, and a few other materials to use as her tools in her “go with the flow” painting style. With the goal of inspiring young artist to be confident in themselves and their work, Nicki has the goal of opening an art gallery that will allow them to do so while providing the opportunity for income and to learn more about the art industry as a whole.

Visit www.beautifuldisastergallery.com to learn more!

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