11:30 PM - 12:30 PM

“From Invisible to Invincible” with Hotep

Speaker: Hotep Educational Media Mogul, MBA

Location: Hall D - Speaker Zone

  • Hotep


    Educational Media Mogul, MBA

“From Invisible to Invincible”
(11:30 AM)

An empowering presentation designed to encourage under-served, minority or otherwise marginalized people to let their voice be heard and show them how to do so through creative entrepreneurship.


Hotep, Educational Media Mogul, MBA

Born in NYC in the 70s, Hotep is the embodiment of the progress made during the civil rights movements, the birth of Hip-Hop music, and the prominence of Pro Black/ African consciousness in American culture. After graduating Morehouse College, he became one of the only Black, Male elementary teachers in his district. There, he learned first-hand how powerful and influential media is on human minds and psyche. These experiences led Hotep to become an entrepreneur.

Hotep says he “HAD to become an entrepreneur simply because I couldn’t allow myself to be in a position where I needed to seek other people’s permission to make my visions a reality”. Today, Hotep is a consultant to schools across the US, a father of 2 and producer of several different types of media including: books, cartoons, films, music and video games. His profound work has earned him nominations for the Presidential Citizen’s Award and as a CNN Hero.

Hotep believes entrepreneurship is the key to freedom for all people. “It’s either ownership or slaveship,” he says.

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